Cor-she: The Statistic for Women. Measures how many likes you get on your selfie with relation to how many aspects of the sport you don’t understand

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NHL 15 Trailer Mocks Female NHL Fans



raise your hand if you are SO FUCKING DONE with sports media entities letting you down this week

so glad girls spend lots of time and money on an organisation and then they go and make fun of us :))) cool sweet rad awesome great :)))

ah yes nhl and ea continuing to belittle part of their own fanbase. shitlords.

i’m laughing so hard at szczesny getting yellow carded his face was like very amused but he was trying not to laugh omg

also has anyone mentioned how horrific debuchy’s haircut is like wow buddy nooooo


Sam (eye candy) Mikulak

giroud had surgery :c which means he’s officially out for 3-4 months. i’m so upset, omg. but at least wenger said he could be playing again in 2014

ramsey like “good luck to the boys tonight” like you could’ve fricking played w them if u weren’t a dumbo who got red carded