Jonathan Drouin in his first NHL game

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I need a hockey arena scented candle

jo drouin making his nhl debut i’m crying !!!!!!!!


do u ever just


do u ever just

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If people are upset at the Kings or Gary Bettman because Voynov is on PAID suspension, just know they have to pay him because it is part or the labor deal, so be upset at the players/union

Russia Mafia AU or Val Nichushkin? 

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i’ve seen posts and tweets that basically say “HAHA KINGS” and i just want you to know that you fucking suck. you’re really going to sit there, in the wake of finding out that a person was abused by someone close to them, and your first thought is “i can use this to make fun of a hockey team”. go crawl back into your hole. scumbag

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.…………still don’t think Oleksiak is that good, he needs more time. I’m all for practicing with Dallas but give it a few games and I think we’ll see Jokipakka in the lineup for the reg season